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Laura HansenI am an artist, Expressive Arts facilitator, and former business executive. A number of years ago my creative life provided me with a way to navigate through and heal from a series of radical life transitions. I experienced my own creative rebirth and now facilitate others on their creative and spiritual journeys. I'm especially interested in the intersection of art and spirituality. I use art and creativity practices to help others deepen their relationship with themselves and open to a fuller expression of their authentic creativity both in their art and in their lives. I create safe environments where people can learn to listen to and trust their intuition and rediscover how nourishing it is to engage in creativity as play.

My lifelong fascination with art, languages and the study of cultures has taken me on journeys around the world. I am drawn to the power of travel as pilgrimage - travel as both an inner and an outer journey- and the ways that this kind of travel can transform us. I bring this perspective to the retreats I lead both in America and abroad.

My background includes a Masters in Clinical Social Work, a degree in Studio Arts, twenty years of yoga and Vipassana meditation practice, and graduate studies in Expressive Arts. I am a Master Facilitator of The Intuitive Painting Process and a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator.


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