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Laura Hansen

"If you're ready for a creative journey that will alter your life for the better, there's no better guide for that journey than Laura. It would be a gift to your soul to be in her company."

~ Jan Phillips, Author of Marry Your Muse

"When I gifted myself the SoulCollage® and Yoga Retreat at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, I had no idea at the time how transformational it would be. Through art, yoga, dance, hikes in nature, lots of fun, tears, laughter and making my own SoulCollage® cards, I discovered I came home to myself for the first time in decades. It caught me by surprise and I am so grateful and excited to hear my soul sing again. I'd recommend that you run, not walk, to give yourself the gift of this experience. You'll be glad you did. I am!"

~ Doretta Winkelman, Director of Binational Education
    San Diego Natural History Museum

"The Intuitive Painting experience was a tremendous affirmation of the healing power of art and the accessibility of art's power to all who are encouraged to tap into it. I was so inspired by the unique discoveries each person made, including my own, and by Laura's sensitive and insightful handling of the workshop."

~ Eric Martin, Merchandising Manager, Nordstroms

"Doing Intuitive Painting with Laura took me deep inside myself. I am not a painter and was initially intimidated by the process, which was all part of the growing edge and the freedom I ultimately developed. I was able to confront self-criticism, fear and judgment which led to a freedom of creativity that was wonderful. Laura is a deeply sensitive, nurturing and intuitive facilitator."

~ Judy Ervice, LMFT, Psychotherapist

"I came to nourish my artistic side and ended up nourishing my soul. My spirit is leaving well fed and ready to give to others in my very demanding human service career."

~ Kathy Randall, LCSW, Geriatric Care Manager

"The Intuitive Painting process was an amazing gift. With Laura's skillful facilitation I found a way to quiet or detach from the obstacles, especially my inner critic, that have often blocked me from expressing myself creatively. It was such a joyful and meaningful experience to release my creativity and intuition in an inspiring and safe environment. I recommend this workshop to anyone who questions whether or not they are creative or artistic!"

~ Livia Walsh, RN, LMFT, Nurse, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

"I had the experience of truly letting go during the Intuitive Painting workshop. I feel free, with a greater sense of self-trust and an openness to the unknown. Taking risks with Intuitive Painting has empowered me to take more risks in additional areas of my life. This workshop has changed my life!"

~ Andrea Schwarb, MSW, Therapist

"This workshop helped me claim the joy of art-making. I got the message: 'Experiment!' I had so much fun playing with color and tools and texture! Laura helped me tap into the creator in me. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"

~ Suzanne Spector, PhD
    Former Director of the Carl Rogers Center for Studies of the Person

"When I look at my paintings in the order I did them, I am amazed at how I was able to increasingly take risks to attempt things I didn't know how to do and then to experience awe and curiosity about my work, rather than judgment or criticism. And I didn't need to be perfect!!

One of my last paintings came from a very emotional situation I find myself in. Allowing myself to paint my feelings brought incredible insight and clarity and I feel far more peaceful, even though nothing has changed (except me!) Always the answer, isn't it?"

~ Judy, San Diego, CA

"I came away from the Art and Soul retreat in Guatemala with new perspectives - both about myself and about the creative process. I decided to go on the retreat for many reasons, but principal among them was a sense of lack of creativity in my life. Laura's guidance, support and wonderfully crafted week allowed me to learn, explore, and ultimately to find things in myself I didn't believe were there. I can't say enough about the wonderful setting on Lake Atitlan. Watching the sunrise over the lake while practicing yoga was a spiritual experience I will treasure forever."

~ Brenda Hill, Independent Higher Education Consultant

"Laura has a great ability to gently guide and assist each participant in such a way that both the beginner and the experienced artist can each contact their own wellspring in order to bring out their creative expressions with enthusiasm and joyful energy. The group of women comes together in a mutually supportive way that intensifies the fun of the whole experience!"

~ Judith Nicolaidis, Professor of Art, Emerita, Southwestern College

"After having looked for a long time for a trip that would feed my art and soul - I foundit in Guatemala with Laura. The experiences of learning new art techniques, practicing yoga, bonding with extraordinary women, interacting with a new culture full of color and spirit- my dream was fulfilled. It has been the one trip that helped to change me and is traveling within me still."

~ Debby Dunbar, Elementary Teacher

"The Art & Soul Retreat in Guatemala cracked the creative door open for me. I was able to face and have an artistic 'conversation' with the part of me that Laura calls "The Critic". You know, it's that voice that tells you that what you do doesn't measure up…isn't good enough. Well, I have to say that by facing that "Critic" I have been able to make it much smaller and less important…and I've been able to have more FUN!"

~ Susan Warren, Weaver

"I went to Laura's Guatemala retreat without expecting anything in particular - mostly due to a demanding work life that doesn't allow for much time to think about anything except the professional work I love to do. What I got was the beautiful and magical surroundings of Lake Atitlan, a luxurious week of self-discovery, a reawakening of how music lives in my soul and body, new writing skills, a surprising affinity for yoga, and an emergence of my love of making art."

~ Karen Yoshino

"The practice of intuitive painting helped unlock for me the potential of art to be a sacred space, a context to wander out into the emotional wilderness without anumbrellaor a compass. Little by little the practice coaxed me to surrender and hang out in the unknown, trusting the surprise of my own images. It's been such a blessing to have this safe, unedited, joyful place of color, light, and connection in the midst of some gray questions I'm facing in my life right now."

~ Eric, Artist

"I'm thrilled to have found Intuitive Painting and this pathway to my inner self. Laura has both guided me inward and facilitated my external expression in ways that have amazed and delighted me. Wherever she works becomes a sacred space, it is a gift to be in her presence."

~ Suzanne Spector, PdD, Psychologist, Educator, International Trainer

"I like what this brings out in me - a self that flows, knows what it wants and is pleased by its own creation. I like the sensual in this - I feel the colors, I feel the paper, I see beauty around me. I smell fresh air and earth, I hear people laughing and the ocean breathing. I am happy for no reason- being INSIDE my art, inside my thoughts, closer to my heart - giving full attention to what's ready to be born in me."

~ Jan Thompson, Executive Coach

"Language is obliterated by the end of the Intuitive Painting workshop - the mystery begins to speak in a language you once knew. It's like regaining your native tongue."

~ Mary Reich, Dancer and Dance Instructor

"I have been a student of Jung and collective consciousness for many years; and I am a just-for-me, collage artist. SoulCollage® and Laura Hansen raised my play to a whole new level. The workshop was a deep pleasure; my on-going card making is a balm and one 'opening up' after another, in my life. Thank you Laura!"

Antonet Benson O'Toole

"SoulCollage® brings me into a deep, inner state where I can safely explore all aspects of myself and my life. Caution....this process is happily addictive!"

Judy Ervice, Psychotherapist

Writings done while on retreat with Laura:

"I got my hands in paint today
Sounds of gurgling water
Sweet music
Beautiful flowers
Gracious teacher
Quiet, order, allowing, peace
All nurturing,
About me - not about the world
Not helping, fixing, accommodating, pleasing, nurturing others.

I didn't know I missed this.

My life is too full of coming, going, doing, putting away, cleaning, TV,
And not enjoying the solitude and beauty.
There is always a long list, places to go, things to do, people to remember.

I love this moment; it allows the emotions and tears to well.
I am surprised.
I didn't know I missed this.

I will create more space like this in my life."

~ Judy Eberhardt, Photographer and Retired Director of Student Counseling,
    Palomar College

"I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but on paper and plastic and fingers (cautiously).

I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but in my head and my heart and my soul.

I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but got to use colors I would never put on a wall.

I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but my body got to dance with paint.

I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but entered a brave new world.

I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but communed with the artists who are my friends.

I got my hands in paint today
Didn't put it on a wall but I knocked one down.

I got my hands in paint today"

~ Linda Kleinschmidt, Administration Manager, Tradesur Inc.

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